Why Creative Advertising Ideas are Important in Product Promotion?

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A creative advertising idea can get your attention anywhere from streets, TV, magazines and Internet. Companies spend a tremendous amount of its expenses to create a few seconds of advertisement. This brings some questions that you have already asked yourself when you saw one of these advertisements.

Why well known companies have to advertise their products when it is already known? Is it worth it to spend this large amount of money from the company’s budget for a creative advertisement that will show up for just a few seconds? What is the role of creativity in advertisement business?

The advertisement project is a complex project that consumes a lot of efforts, cost and time from different experts in the team which requires that every part of the project process to be well-studied, documented and well planned prior to working in the project. The storyboard of the advertisement is one of the tools that allows better project flow and make it easier for the creative director to manage the project and arrange the steps based on the idea, storyboard and client requirements.

Creating an advertisement conducts a lot of research about the audience, product and the media of the advertisement that can be outdoor, indoor, magazine, TV, Radio and Internet advertisement. Also, the characteristic of the audience is very important factor that affects the advertisement idea and how to implement this idea. For example, the auto advertisements focuses on what the car user looks for in this marquee and how each marquee has its user who prefers specific features in their cars. The economic car users have different requirements than the Ferrari drivers who look for totally different aspects in their cars.

The Goal of Product Advertising
Increasing the sales is not the only the goal of the advertising decision. There are many reasons that lay behind each advertising campaign and these reasons can change from campaign to another depending on company plan. Some of these reasons are:

Introducing New Product or New Features in the Product

Promoting a new product or new feature of an existing product introduces the new product to the audience and announces it to attract the customers to try it and know more about the new feature. Generally, pointing to this new feature or attracting the audience is the main reason of the advertisement.

Competing With Other Companies in the Market

Advertisement presents a hidden war between competitors in the market. Each competitor spends a lot of money to gain the largest number of users in the market. This campaign tries to attract the audience to a specific product away from other similar products in the market. These campaigns can simply imply that the product is the best in the market and how it is different from the competitors.

Maintain the Same Position in the Market for a Long Period

Actually, I was always asking myself why large company names keep doing advertising campaigns when they are already known and they do not need to provide new features with every advertisement they present. In addition to compete with other companies in the same field, these companies keep spending on advertising to keep their client think of them and consider them unconsciously with every time they go to the market. Continuous advertising campaign helps the company to maintain the same position in the market.

Delivering the Product Goal or the Company’s Message

Sometimes the company does not have a new feature or a product to deliver. The company could have a new philosophy or even would like to remind the audience about their philosophy through advertising ideas. This message is very important to unify themselves in the market from any other companies.

The Types of Adverting Ideas
The most important part in the advertisement is the idea, it is the main point that the whole advertisement is based upon. The successful idea can kick the ad beyond the thoughts and people keep remembering it again and again. The bad idea can have a very bad impact on the product. Generally, there are two types of advertising ideas: the direct message and the indirect message. The direct message ads try to deliver the company message straightforward through text and different media like video, images and narration. The direct message ads ensure that every one of the audience got the message. It misses a very important part in the ads which is the excited minds to understand the message in the indirect ads.

The indirect ads depends on a very important psychological role that lets the mind try to stop in front of the ad and think that is the idea behind it. This little maze helps attracting the audience to see the ad and make them be attracted to the ad among other direct message ads.

Most of the people become smarter than accepting the simple direct door-to-door advertising ideas. They look for more exciting ads and attractive ideas to get attracted to the product. However, the indirect advertising ideas require good talent and experience in the product and the audience to be able to present successful campaign.

Creative vs. Non-Creative Adverting Ideas
I think many shared with me the idea that no one is attracted to non-creative ads anymore. The non-creative ads that repeat previous ideas not only lose its target because the audiences will not get attracted to it but, it also moves the audience attention to other products especially, if they provide a better method to introduce the new products or features.

Creating a creative ad with a new out-of-the-box idea is a challenging job and requires a very talented and creative person who can think in a new way than others can. The impact of creative ideas in advertising is great and can help changing the market in a dramatically way toward the company benefits.

The advertising process and long challenging workflow, but the most important part of it is the idea and how to apply this idea professionally using all the talent and available resources and media. Watching new advertising ideas and learn about it can help you inspire with new ideas to your design and project.

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