How to improve search engine rankings?

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There are many ways to create more traffics to your website such as using social networks, link exchange and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This topic will cover on how to use SEO to increase your website rankings.

Google is the most popular website on the Internet. So whether you have an offline or online business, it’s important that your company be found at the top of search results. If you aren’t, you’ll be losing a lot of potential revenue.

I would recommend for who are new to SEO to read the Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

To improve the search engine ranking, there many ways to do it.

#Go Social:
Search engines like Google are starting to take into account votes for social sites. Currently in Google’s Webmaster Tools you can see how many people voted +1 for your website and how it’s affecting your traffic.

So if you want to do well on the social web you need to:
– Create powerful profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
- Promote your website, whether its blog contents, products your are selling, or services your offer, add social media buttons to your website.
- Write to encourage your readers to click on the link as it will affect your search engine traffic in the long run.

#Create your link slowly:
As theory I found, build links too quickly to your website, it won’t rank well. But if you only build a handful of rich anchor text links each month, your rankings will start shooting up.

#Diversify the links:
There are a lot of different types of links you can get such as blog roll links, homepage links, links from blog posts, directory links, educational links, footer links, etc. SEOs have a tendency to build one of these types of links instead of trying to build each of these links.

If you want to rank high you can’t just focus on one type of link building method, such as directory links. Instead you need to get links to your site from blogs, directories, and sometimes from the homepage of other sites. Just make sure whatever links you are building are also relevant as those links tend to have the biggest impact.

#Content is not king, unless it is good content:
Adding more content to your website is a great idea if you want more search engine love. But you have to add good content so that those pages get more natural links versus just flooding your site with mediocre information.

How ever SEO isn’t rocket science. You can rank your business website for any term as long as you are willing to get creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and more importantly be patient as it can take months if not years before you start ranking for competitive terms.

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